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Goran Visnjic

Actor Date of birth 9th September 1972
Place of birth Sibenik, Croatia, Yugoslavia
Year of debut 1988
First feature film Braca Po Materi

At 18, Goran Visnjic joined the Croatian army as a paratrooper. He then studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He was spotted by Michael Winterbottom in a production of Hamlet at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. In 1997 he reached an international audience in Winterbottom’s Welcome To Sarajevo. A producer from the TV series ER spotted him in the movie Practical Magic. He acted in ER from 1999 to 2008. He has since starred in a range of movies from Elektra to Beginners.

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Goran Visnjic's films

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Packshot for the film Ice Age
U Certificate
85 Mins

Animated. A sabre tooth tiger (Denis Leary), a sloth (John Leguizamo) and a woolly mammoth (Ray Romano) try to return a baby to its family. Suitable for all.

Rent for £2.50
Packshot for the film Practical Magic
12 Certificate
100 Mins

Two cursed witches (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) are unlucky in love. Contains infrequent, moderate language and horror.

Rent for £2.49

Did you know?

  • Goran Visnjic jumped out of a plane over 13 times with the Blue Angels, a US Navy acrobatic group.
  • He voiced the character Soto in the animated movie Ice Age.
  • In 1998, he appeared in Madonna's music video for The Power Of Goodbye.
  • His character in Practical Magic was originally meant to be Texan. However after director Griffin Dune saw him in Welcome to Sarajevo and Madonna's music video, he re-wrote the character to be Eastern European.
  • He married Ivana Vrdoljak, a sculptor, in 1999. They have a child together.