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Eli Roth

Director, Writer, Actor Date of birth 18th April 1972
Place of birth Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Year of debut 1997
First feature film Snapshots From A .500 Season

Eli Roth made over fifty short movies before studying film at New York University. After graduating, he had several production, post-production and minor acting jobs. He also wrote screenplays in his spare time. While working as a production assistant, he co-wrote the screenplay for Cabin Fever. He earned critical acclaim when the movie was released in 2002. He has built up a reputation in horror by writing and directing movies such as Hostel.

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Eli Roth's films

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Packshot for the film Death Proof
18 Certificate
110 Mins

Directed by Quentin Tarantino. A crazy stuntman (Kurt Russell) kills women with his death proof car. Contains strong violence and gory moments.

Rent for £2.49
Packshot for the film Aftershock (2013)
18 Certificate
86 Mins

A small town turns into a bloodbath when a group of violent prisoners escape after a massive earthquake.Strong gruesome violence, blood & gore, and sexual violence. Flashing images

Rent for £2.99

Did you know?

  • Eli Roth won a Student Academy Award for his New York University thesis movie, Restaurant Dogs. The movie was inspired by Reservoir Dogs.
  • He wrote a fake trailer called Thanksgiving for Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse.
  • He created, directed and voiced an animated TV series called Chowdaheads.
  • In 2007, his movie Hostel was voted Best Horror Film of the year by Empire magazine.
  • He reportedly earned 10,000 dollars for directing Hostel. The movie grossed 80,578,934 dollars worldwide.