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Kate Beckinsale

Actor Date of birth 26th July 1973
Place of birth London, England
Year of debut 1993
First feature film Much Ado About Nothing

Kate Beckinsale is the daughter of actors Judy Loe and Richard Beckinsale. As a teenager she joined a youth theatre in Chiswick, London. She studied French and Russian literature at Oxford University. As a college student, she acted in movies such as Much Ado About Nothing. She found fame starring in the US movie Pearl Harbour. She has played a range of characters from Ava Gardner in The Aviator to a vampire warrior in the Underworld movies.

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Kate Beckinsale's films

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Packshot for the film Serendipity
PG Certificate
90 Mins

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale put their relationship in the hands of fate. Contains mild language and sex references.

Rent for £2.49
Packshot for the film Contraband
15 Certificate
110 Mins

An ex-con (Mark Wahlberg) must come out of retirement to save his brother-in-law from gangsters. With Kate Beckinsale. Strong language, moderate violence.

Rent for £2.99
Packshot for the film Vacancy
15 Certificate
82 Mins

A couple's night in a motel turns into a nightmare when they discover they are being filmed by the sadistic owner. With Luke Wilson. With very strong violence.

Rent for £2.49

Did you know?

  • Kate Beckinsale won the WH Smith's Young Writers competition twice.
  • She gained 20 pounds for her role in The Aviator.
  • She has a daughter, Lily, from her nine year relationship with Michael Sheen. Lily played a younger version of Kate's character in Underworld: Evolution.
  • She met Les Wiseman when he directed her in Underworld. They married in 2004.
  • To prepare for her role as a nurse in Pearl Harbour, she practicsed giving injections.