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Jay Baruchel

Actor Date of birth 9th April 1982
Place of birth Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Year of debut 1999
First feature film Who Gets The House?

Jay Baruchel grew up in Montreal, Canada. At 12, he began taking acting classes. He started his career as a host on a Canadian children's TV show. In 2000 he moved into movies with a role in Almost Famous. He forged a career playing supporting roles in features including Million Dollar Baby and Knocked Up. He has since moved on to leading roles in She’s Out Of My League and The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

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Jay Baruchel's films

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Packshot for the film The Art Of The Steal
15 Certificate
86 Mins

A motorcycle daredevil (Kurt Russell) gets a crew together to pull off one last heist. With Jay Baruchel. Very strong language.

Rent for £3.99
Packshot for the film Don Peyote
15 Certificate
95 Mins

A stoner (Dan Fogler) makes a documentary about the apocalypse. With Anne Hathaway and Josh Duhamel. Strong language, drug misuse, sex, violence.

Rent for £3.49
Packshot for the film How To Train Your Dragon
PG Certificate
93 Mins

Animated. A young Viking (Jay Baruchel) makes friends with a dragon. With Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig and David Tennant. Contains frequent mild threat.

Rent for £2.50

Did you know?

  • Jay Baruchel was born Jonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel.
  • In 2002 he produced and directed the short movie Edgar And Jane.
  • His tattoos include a Celtic cross, a Canadian maple leaf and his mother’s maiden name.
  • He has starred in a range of TV shows from Undeclared to Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
  • He voiced the character Hiccup in the movie How To Train Your Dragon.