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Jack Black

Actor, Writer Date of birth 28th August 1969
Place of birth Hermosa Beach, California, USA
Year of debut 1992
First feature film Bob Roberts


  • Golden Globe Awards nominated1
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As a child, Jack Black loved to perform. He appeared in a number of commercials while attending a school for difficult teens. While at UCLA, he became a groupie and then member of Tim Robbins' acting troupe. His apprenticeship with Robbins led to his first movie role in Bob Roberts in 1992. His comedic performances with his band Tenacious D led to roles in movies such as High Fidelity. He has become a major box office draw with movies including School Of Rock and The Holiday.

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Jack Black's films

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Packshot for the film Gulliver's Travels
PG Certificate
81 Mins

Jack Black is taken to the mysterious island of Lilliput where he is a giant. With Emily Blunt. Contains mild language, sex references and comic fight scenes.

Rent for £2.99
Packshot for the film Ice Age
U Certificate
85 Mins

Animated. A sabre tooth tiger (Denis Leary), a sloth (John Leguizamo) and a woolly mammoth (Ray Romano) try to return a baby to its family. Suitable for all.

Rent for £2.50
Packshot for the film Enemy Of The State
15 Certificate
126 Mins

When a lawyer (Will Smith) receives evidence of a political assassination he becomes a target himself. With Gene Hackman. Strong language and moderate violence.

Rent for £2.99

Did you know?

  • Jack Black's parents were rocket scientists. They worked as engineers on the Hubble Space Telescope. They divorced when Jack was ten.
  • As a boy, he supposedly used to put wires in his clothes and purposely let them drop out of his sleeves so people might think he was a robot.
  • He claims to have lived with pandas for three years as preparation for his leading role in animation Kung Fu Panda.
  • He admitted to trying to stalk Thom Yorke at a Radiohead concert.
  • He has two sons with his wife Tanya Haden. She is a cellist and her father was the jazz musician Charlie Haden.


  • 1 Golden Globe Awards nominated

    • 2004 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical - School Of Rock